“I developed upper back pain below my left shoulder blade, especially when driving which is a big part of my job. I tried a deep tissue massage, went to an outpatient clinic, tried ice and heat, nothing seemed to help. I was skeptical about seeing a Chiropractor, it seemed to be a pulled muscle or pinched nerve instead of a spine issue. After a couple weeks of no improvement I called Dodds Chiropractic and was seen right away. He found the problem area and addressed some other issues I didn’t even know I had. The pain gone and I feel much more flexible. With the time and money I wasted on a doctor visit and massage, I recommend going to Dodds first when you have back pain.”

- Kenny Sparks

“Finding a doctor when you are sick or injured is hard enough. Finding one who you know is going to press, push and prod an area of your body that is already screaming in pain does can only complicate your decision.

I am 53 years old, a heavy traveler and a martial artist. Needless to say, I am an active guy. When I injured my back to the point of not being able to stand up, I knew I needed a doctor, and specifically, a chiropractor. I wanted to be back to healthy again, painless, traveling and kicking people. Dr Dodds was recommended to me by a friend. I had met him once. He was young. I was not sure he even shaved! But, recommendations from people I trust – and I am a VERY scrutinizing person for my relationships – goes a long way.

I went to see Doc. First thing I noticed, since I could barely walk, was that he was more concerned about my ability to walk to an exam room than ushering me in and out to get his ‘numbers’ up. It was a short walk that took a very long time. He asked lots of good questions. I like questions. As an executive with a global consulting firm I make my living by asking questions: diagnosis. His primary concern was my well-being, not merely fixing the problem. His chief concern was me, the person. He took his time to understand, diagnose and eventually solve the problem.

Bottom line: he treated me like I treat my clients. He wanted to know me and wanted me to trust him. He became for me what I always hope to achieve with my clients: a “trusted adviser.” The notable exception is I do not give back-rubs to my clients!

I am sure as a new patient you will have lots of questions for Doc. You should! What you should not have are questions about Doc. This man put me back together. Within a month I was back to everything I enjoyed. Trust this man.”

- Dorman Bazzell

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Patients can call 208-733-2322 to schedule an appointment for Dr Scott. Just mention that you are one of Dr. Scott's current patients. New patients can still call the same number and request an appointment for Dr. Scott.

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